SMT2 - The World's most advanced Synthetic Antifriction Lubricant Oil Additive

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Superior Engine Flush

SMT1 is a universal flush additive manufactured from refined mineral oils and specific detergents. At 

oil change SMT1 is added to hot oil in engines, Gearboxes, Transfer cases, Differentials or final drives to improve the removal of unwanted debris that compromises efficiency.

What does SMT1 do?
New Engines are clean Engines! Therefore you can extend parts life by allowing Full new oil flow to moving parts, especially at start up! The small investment in time and money to remove contaminants and sludge build up reduces damage caused by foreign matter that compromises your new oil.

350ml Price: $12.10

1Ltr Price: $27.50


Fuel System Cleaner, Upper Cylinder Lubricant, Injector Cleaner & Diesel Bug Killer. All in ONE!

SMT3 is a multipurpose fuel system cleaner and upper cylinder lubricant, works in both Diesel and Unleaded engines. This is Formulated to quickly and safely achieve peak fuel supply in engines. Regular use of SMT3 keeps fuel injectors free of fouling deposits, insuring the delivery of precise metered amounts of fuel with the correct spray pattern, providing smoother idling, maximum power and constant acceleration.

What does SMT3 do?

SMT3 maintains fuel system cleanliness keeping it free of Diesel Bug and water. SMT3 also provies an upper cylinder lubricant and promotes efficient combustion therefor reducing emissions. SMT3 is environmentally beneficial. Using SMT3 can assist with reduced seal leakage associated with low-sulfurfuels. 

SMT3 eradicates Diesel Bug and water in fuel tanks and fuel systems providing a clean and smooth drive

350ml Price:$27.50 (not inlc shipping)

1Ltr Price: $55.00

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