SMT2 - The World's most advanced Synthetic Antifriction Lubricant Oil Additive



Protect and improve all lubricant reliant machinery and equipment with SMT2 Synthetic Anti-Friction fluid - gain fuel economy, extend engine life and get more horsepower or torque


Browse the following videos to learn exactly how SMT2 will save you lots of money over time and reduce your whole life cost of machinery saving you down time and maintenance costs.



Learn About SMT2

Synthetic anti-friction fluid and see the tests

  Be Amazed at the Results of
our Chainsaw Trials

SMT2 is great for extending the life of chainsaw blades and chains and cuts the log in half the time!

  SMT2 for guns - watch this brief instruction video 

on how to apply SMT2 to your weapon

for maximum performance and higher accuracy

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