SMT2 - The World's most advanced Synthetic Antifriction Lubricant Oil Additive

About SMT2

For your harvester, your trawler, your drill... and your family car!


This section is designed to introduce you to SMT2, including its purpose and its applications. You can also find here detailed technical explanations of how SMT2 accomplishes superior anti-friction protection.



SMT2 in Detail


SMT2 is a non-petroleum based, non-flammable, non-corrosive, synthetic anti-friction metal treatment. In fact, SMT2 is the most advanced synthetic anti-friction metal treatment in the world. SMT2 technology has “leapfrogged” current metal treatment technology and leads the way for anti-friction metal treatment into the third millennium. SMT2 combines all the positive aspects of previous technology into its new technology without some of the harmful negative attributes associated with older technology.



SMT2 is ...

  • Not an additive to lubricants - SMT2 is a true anti-friction metal treatment 
  • Not derived from petroleum - SMT2 is the only synthetic metal treatment available today  
  • Not an oil - SMT2 is a metal treatment that uses existing lubricants to carry it to the ferrous (Fe) metal parts
  • Not a colloidal solution and does not contain solids - SMT2 contains no fluropolymers, graphite, esters, naturally derived chlorinated hydrocarbons, black and non-ferrous metals or ceramics. Having a complete chemical affinity with mineral and synthetic petroleum, SMT2 is soluble in lubricants and fluids. Being chemically inert, it does not disturb the pH-balance of motor oil additive packages. SMT2 is not only inert to component materials, but also, in a number of cases, blocks oxidizing processes on the surfaces of metals applied in lubricating systems


SMT2 does not contain...

  • Any paraffins – therefore, it can be used as an additive in fuels  
  • Any cladding materials such as Teflon®, metal, zinc, paraffin wax or esters   
  • Any EPA targeted carbon chain


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