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How our customers save fuel, get more torque, more HP and get cooler, smoother, quieter running


We are proud to be of assistance to all of our many valued clients. Read below to see what they have to say about SMT2! We love hearing your feedback. Please feel welcome to provide us with testimonials about the effectiveness of our lubricants.

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“My name is Nigel Sauer. I am well known because I was the importer distributor of Roil Platinum Metal
Conditioner for 13 years. I got to know about SMT2 and purchased a 350 ml bottle to add to my Mercedes
Benz engine oil, which had previously been running Roil Platinum Metal Conditioner.

Before I put SMT2 in the engine oil, I was getting 800km per tank of diesel. With a new oil change and
adding the bottle of SMT2 into the motor, I was totally surprized during my trip to Sydney because now
the Mercedes Benz was travelling 900km on a tank of fuel.

SMT2 made it so much better because the Mercedes was taking the hills in its stride and running quieter
and smoother.

Subsequently I made the decision to stop importing Roil Platinum Metal Conditioner and become an SMT2
Distributor. This went on for about six months when due to an offer in a different industry, I sold my
customer base to Peter at SMT Superior Maintenance Technology and now I buy SMT2 from him.

Nigel Sauer 

October 2019

TRUCK SAVES $585.00 IN FUEL                           David Dunford - Truck Testimonial
20th April 2015

1982 UD 10 Tonne Truck Furniture Van -  Dunford Removals, Bundaberg Qld

Lyle found SMT2 at Brown & Hurley and suggested to David that he put it in the engine. David said
“We’ve tried them all dad, Lucas, Moreys and Wynns and we never saw any real fuel saving improvement”.
Lyle then serviced the truck and put SMT2 in the engine.

“The best that we ever had got out of the truck before we put SMT2 in it was after we did the motor up
and timed it so it was running sweet. Was 3.6 / 3.7 kms to the litre. And on the trip where we put that
SMT2 in, it went up to 4.6 / 4.7km to the litre.

So that was the best we got on that trip Bundaberg to Darwin return. It dropped back a little on the way
home because we didn’t have the weight pushing it.

Much to my surprize, by the time I got to Mount Isa out of Bundaberg, I had saved the cost of the product
which was $180.00. The total fuel saving on the 6,400km trip was $585 so we made a profit of $400.00
on that.

And the power – I just couldn’t believe the power – I was going over hills in top gear which in fact I had
never been over without changing down like previously. I gained a gear. I was a good gear up.

The truck was running cooler and easier, my foot was barely on the accelerator, if you adapt to the
newfound power you can get really good fuel savings using this stuff.  

Best regards


PS – Sadly David rolled his truck. On a very poor stretch of road
I met a huge dip and rolled my beloved truck, she went over gently.
Fortunately, someone else had offered me an Acco furniture van at a give away
price and I decided instead of repairing the UD Truck I would put the money
into the Acco Truck as it was a bigger truck. This upgrade took a few months to
bring together and I started getting some work locally getting used to sitting
in the new saddle. After a month or so, I got a long-distance job which gave me
a chance to evaluate the fuel consumption. Then I decided I put some SMT2 in
this engine, but when I went to the workshop I discovered I didn’t have much
stock so I put whatever I could find in the fuel tank and went on a long
journey south, much to my surprize, the fuel economy was 27% better. On my
return trip I went to the SMT2 Oil Shed at Beerburrum to get some engine oil
telling Peter I could not afford to buy 2 litres of SMT2 due to my recent truck
change over. He said, “You have been a great customer so you are going to buy 2
x 20s of engine oil and we will give you 2 litres of SMT2.” I argued with him
and said “No! No!” but he insisted that I couldn’t deny myself the fuel savings
and so when I did the oil change, I put SMT2 in the engine for the first time.
I was on a trip out towards Blackwater, and the truck was going like you
wouldn’t believe. So, I rang Peter to tell him the truck was taking the hills
in its stride and the fuel savings were 27%.

Dave's new truck 

Sunday 26th April 2015

I went into Brown and Hurley and purchased a bottle of SMT2 and put it in my XR6
engine. I left Darra and by the time I got to Minden / Marberg I was going over
those hills without moving my foot on the accelerator. The Ford maintained the
same speed of 100kmh despite the hills. I just held it in the one spot
and the hills had no effect on the speed.

We don’t have cruise control on this car.

Following this I suggested to David that we put SMT2 in the truck
at the next service. He said “Don’t waste your money dad”. Anyway, I do the
service on the truck and purchase 2 bottles of SMT2 to add to the engine oil.
David left for Darwin and when he was Barcaldine he told me on the phone the
truck was running with noticeable smoothness in the gearchanges, I had put some
SMT2 in the RoadRanger gearbox. He related a funny story about Debbie who had
queried him during the trip home asking ‘Are you buying fuel with cash?”
to which he answered, “NO! I am putting it all on my card”. Debbie replied,
“Well you are definitely using less fuel because it shows up in the books.”

Later on, during a trip to Sydney David rang me and said that the
fuel gauge must be empty because it was reading ¾ full. I said to him “Dip the
tank”. David came back and said, “The fuel gauge is correct, and I can’t
believe I am just far down the road on less than a ¼ of a tank”.

I put some SMT2 in the ride-on and we know that we can’t cut all
the grass on a tank full, however, with SMT2 in the oil, we completed the
whole area and had fuel over in the tank. I put some in the water-blaster,
and when I pulled the trigger, there was increased pressure pushing me



add pic of Lyle XR6

Lyle Blows a Hose  

During 2019 I was on the motorway driving my XR6 when it blew a
hose. The traffic was so thick I could not get off, by the time I found a place
to pull over the temperature gauge had gone through the roof, when I lifted the
bonnet there was smoke everywhere.

I got a tilt tray to take my car home and next day I thought I
will see if it will crank over because it was probably seized. The engine
started much to my surprise and I am still driving that car with no adverse
side effects from the overheating, once again SMT2 has proved it is worth the


Lyle Chapman  


Fair Diggin’ Truck gets increased Horse-Power

- Testimonial From Trevor 

Hi Peter,

Well, just like to say thank you for introducing me
to SMT2 I really believe in this product and the many other
products you have introduced me to, from your SMT1 Engine Flush, Ultra
blue oil, the differential & gearbox oils, injector cleaner, and
Citrus 6000...

A bit about myself I have been doing Earthmoving for 29 years (in 2012 +-) now and
always believed in keeping up the maintenance on my equipment so when
you told me about SMT2 I had to try it.

My Truck does not have a Turbo but does the job with the 200 horse-power
motor, but before I met you I was doing a job at Mt Mee In QLD, now this
job has a very steep driveway no problem going down but trying to pull
all my equipment up well, that was a different story.After three attempts
I just keep running out of steam so had to take the Bobcat off walk back
down and drive the Bobcat up, this hill has 23% incline and you have to shut
the gate right at the start of the hill, so not even a run up.

Well now I meet you and you tell me how good this SMT2 is, so I was
keen to see if this stuff works, after about two weeks of driving around
with it in the truck motor I again was called backed to that job at Mt
Mee, so I was very keen to see what happens, I always carry all my equipment
with me all the time so I know I had the same weight on, well could not
believe it the truck went right to the top 1st go, the only thing I have
done was put 2lt of SMT2 in my oil I didn't even change the oil
just drained 2lts out, so now I use this stuff in everything, my cars, my
mower, diffs, gearbox, even in my hydraulics,

All I can say is you have now got a life time customer and your very
helpful personality is rare this days nothing is a  problem you have always made sure I got
the best service from you I do really appreciate it so thank you very much for

I would like to say, if you would like me to talk to a
customer don't hesitate in given them my number....

“Love ya work keep it up”

Kind Regards

Trevor Hammant

(Fair Diggin’ Excavation) 



MAZDA B UTE DOES 120KM EXTRA PER TANK – Testimonial from Hugh 
of Vertical Gardens  


I've used your SMT2 in all our company utes and cars with consistently improved fuel

Recently I purchased a new Mazda B 50 Ute and put SMT2 in the motor after
the first 10.000 km.  The Ute on a full tank of diesel was doing 820
km before the 10,000 km service.

At the 10,000 km oil change 10% of SMT2 was added to the motor oil and the
Ute did 840 km on full tank of diesel consistently.  At 20,000 Km
oil change 5% of SMT2 was added to the oil, the Ute did 940 km on a full
tank of diesel and has consistently kept it.  That's 120 km extra per
tank, and the savings easily exceed the cost of the SMT2 and then we're making

If you want to look after your motor and moving parts through reduced wear
and also have improved fuel efficiency then use SMT2.

Best regards,

Hugh Frith

May 28th 2013


4WD GOES 130KM FURTHER THANKS TO SMT2 – Testimonial by Matt

My wife and I created the PET Crematorium in Bundaberg and recently 

we were down at Beerburrum purchasing some SMT2 from Peter.

I drive a 2016 Ford Ranger which was doing 630km per tank. However, 

with the addition of SMT2 into the engine oil this 4WD is now travelling 

760 kms on a tank.

It has more get up and go, and hills don’t have any effect in its speed.

This SMT2 is the best additive I have ever come across. 


Thanks Peter


August 2020 

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Subject: Many Thanks for Saving Thousands of Dollars
Date: June 14, 2015

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your expert advice regarding the addition of SMT2 to the engine oil of our much loved 

VX Commodore SS. I was referred to you by Uncle Bev of Dalby as the Commodore has developed 

a small rear main leak after only a genuine 100,000km. 

The car might be 13 years old, but it has not travelled many miles and one should expect that this 

quality Holden product should be good for many more miles than what is showing on the clock.

We have just completed another service on the car since adding the SMT2 and there is no evidence 

any oil leak at the rear main seal or the sump pan gasket. All seals have adjusted according to the 

SMT2 process and the car has more power evident, runs cooler and has no leaks. 

This car is always a pleasure to drive, but this makes it a dream!

Many thanks Peter for your guidance,


Evan McDonald

PS: Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial for the SMT2 product.




I was discussing with Peter a recent trip I had done up north in my 5Lt V8 Petrol Holden towing a
1800G.V.M. caravan.  I told him I was getting 19Lt per 100Klm.

He said he thought he could improve my car's performance by using his product SMT2 additive.  

I was not sure if it would make a difference but felt I should give it a try. So in May this year we set 

off on another trip up north covering 4000Klms once again keeping track of my car's performance 

and achieved 17Lt per 100Klm. As you can imagine this gave me considerable savings in my overall 

petrol costs, my car ran very well and we had a wonderful trip.

Well done Peter, I would highly recommend anyone towing a van to give it a go, and try it for

Happy Caravanning

Regards Neil



Arch had been running SMT2 on his Farm for 2 years, as he flew to Perth he asked his wife to take the 

vehicle to Toyota at Kixx on Tuesday, for it's service. Three weeks later she picked him up one evening 

at Brisbane Airport however as she drove home he thought the engine sounded "different". 

Next morning he pulled out the dipstick and much to his dismay it was devoid of oil, the oil was drained 

but not replaced during the service Arch checked the speedo and saw that since the service the vehicle 

had done 1800 Km with absolutely NO ENGINE OIL. 

He filled the sump with the usual oil and now 18 months later that engine is still going ok !  



Hi Peter,

As you know we have spent a lot of time, effort and money to get as much power from our V8 engine
and after modification of the heads we placed the engine on the Dyno to see if we could exceed 1100 HP.
Much to our dismay it ran 1098, 1098, 1098 during the 3 tests.
This was not what we wanted from our efforts.

On your recommendation we added 700ml of SMT Synthetic Metal Treatment to our 7 Litres of
Synthetic Engine Oil in the engine.
The engine was revved a couple of times to circulate the oil and the test was run.
Immediately we gained 1105 HP, much to our jubilation. " During the next 3 starts on the grid we achieved
one of our fastest times."

Thank you sincerely for your support and for introducing us to SMT2

Rob (2012)

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Testimonial from Richard Rackermann 

Hi Peter,

I am really looking forward to using the SMT2, it has been a major success with the Kreighauff
that Michael is currently using. This is an about $18,000 German made shot gun that is about 6 months old 

and was as stiff as all get out to open. I gave him some Mainlube 340 to put in it one day and he became a 

convert over night, but, you have since introduced him to SMT2 and I can't believe the additional improvement 

over what the Mainlube had already achieved. I opened and closed his firearm today and it is silky smooth, 

bearing in mind it has fired less than 5,000 rounds.

My own firearm, a 1999 Perazzi MX8 has fired around 100,000 rounds and has been on Mainlube 340 since 2000 

and is silky smooth now, and showing no wear on the knuckle or hinge pins. If I clean out the Mainlube and apply the 

Perazzi supplied grease it is stiff to open as it was when new. The machine marks are still there, as there is just no wear.

I have been telling everyone who wants to listen about the quality of the SMT2 product, but it has taken the experience 

with Michael's firearm to get the message through. I really believe you can expect more calls.

High end firearms are not something that a lot of people think much about, but when you have $15 to 20,000 invested 

in one or two of these things you start to look for products that are head and shoulders above the run of the mill products 

out there in the market place.


Richard Rackemann

Follow up from Richard 


TESTIMONIAL From Richard Rackerman 

Dear Peter

Update (2013)

Just thought you would like to know that following my previous advice, my Perazzi has now passed the 

200,000 round mark and finally the top lever has moved to the 6 o'clock position.  I have had a new 

wedge fitted and the lever is now back to its original position. 

Interestingly, the gun is still tight on the front knuckle which shows no sign of wear and looks like it 

just left the factory. The same is true for the for end iron and the hinge pins.

As you know I have been using a mixture of SMT2 and your 340 Grease since the gun was new in 1999. 

Over the years I have seen a number of good guns gall the front knuckle and the hinge pins through 

either lack of lubrication or use of inferior lube.

This is the best result by far of any product I have ever used in nearly 50 years of Shooting Clay targets.

Best regards

Richard Rackermann



Testimonial From Kevin Pauling 


Hi there, 

I was in the Burnett river just ticking along having a look around as it’s the first time l’ve had my 6m tinny 

out for a run since moving to Bundy from Darwin. A friend was along for the ride. He said can I have a 

drive? Not keen but didn’t want to be a stick in the mud so said ok, next thing he’s got it flat stick about 

75 k - I had my mouth open about to say back it off as we ran onto a sand bar. 

Well that bought us to a rapid stop with steam gushing from my 90hp Honda.  I knew that was not going 

to be real good for the water pump.

So long story short I could not run the motor over 4500 revs after that or she would overheat.

I have the boat back in Darwin now and because of the travel distances required in the top end, 

I thought I had better replace the water pump.

I must say I didn’t expect to see how badly damaged the  pump was (see the pics) - this motor should 

have failed. l believe the only thing that has allowed this motor to keep running is a fantastic product 

called SMT2 Advanced Anti friction Metal Treatment.

I use it in all my gear from the chainsaw to the case loader. 

If it has a motor or a gear box, put smt2 in for outstanding performance.

Kevin Pauling

Bundaberg / Darwin






As you recall I purchased 20 litres of SMT2 in December 2010 for use in both my trucks and my dragster.
The dragster was burning the push rod ends off due to extreme pressure and heat, however with the
introduction of SMT2 at 10% that ceased to occur.

Also, we inspected the gearbox which previously relied on oil and another anti-friction metal conditioner
called  Roil. When we ran with the same oil and SMT2 at 10% the results were amazing. On splitting the
box, we expected to see the previous burnt oil and blackened components, much to our amazement the
SMT2 had totally protected the unit and no blackening existed at all.

For us this shows that SMT2 Synthetic Anti-friction Metal Treatment is superior to any product we have
used over our many years of racing.

Thanks and regards,

Tony Buckley  

February 2011



These tractors have 500HP engines and due to the HP being upgraded found that the final drives were 

wearing out and the subsequent repair bill was AU$48.000. the company that leases them out was looking 

for a way to slow down or eliminate the wear pattern. By invitation, companies that supply both Lucas 

and Roil Platinum were invited to donate their products for trial to see if they could help lower the repair bill.

Due to my association with Tony Buckley who went to school with to Lyle Bartley, my name came up in the 

discussion and next thing I knew, Lyle was on the phone asking me to donate 20 litres of SMT2 as the 

third option.  

I drove out of the Sunshine Coast to Moree and met Lyle in the late afternoon giving him a 20 litre of SMT2 

and filling him in on the products features, also asking him to give me oil samples from the final drives. 


After they had conducted the trials it was found that PPM Parts Per Million) were very low thanks to SMT2.

Peter Corden

SMT Superior Maintenance Technology



The US testimonial states:  
Quote - 

“In a city bus operation, ten buses were tested over a 15,000 mile maintenance interval using industry 

standard fluids in the motor and SMT2 at proper dilution ratios, and a wear metal analysis was performed. 

This showed a minimum of 60% reduction of we-metals, and a fuel saving of 8% was achieved with these 


Furthermore, the proof of the superior anti-frictional properties of SMT2 was demonstrated during tests 

utilising the BAUMAN Moscow State Technical University’s unique piston Tribometer. The piston Tribometer 

simulates operational conditions in real piston / bore machines and measures the following parameters: 

Friction Force, Friction Co-efficient, and Loss of Power due to friction.  

We can supply an illustration of the computer monitor screen readings of this test, which compares 

pure motor oil and pure motor oil plus SMT2. All the friction parameters resulted on average, were 

improved by 17%." 

Add graphs



A small privately owned light aircraft achieved 27% better fuel economy!

The owner of a Light Aircraft, built from a Kit, decided to add 1ml of SMT2 per Litre of fuel into
the fuel tank to see if the economy would be better.  

Geoff said he flew 27% further on that Tank of Fuel.

“This is a massive increase of distance for very little cost”, he said. 

add pic of plane


A Grafton chainsaw operator Woody reported that the addition of 2 ½ % SMT2 into the Chain & Bar oil 

caused him to cut a 1 metre diameter log (been in the paddock for 15 years) 45% faster. 

Woody resharpened his heavy duty chainsaw and went down the paddock to cut a 1 meter log that had 

been there for years. Using his preferred Chain& Bar Oil, it took 4 minutes and 5 seconds to free-fall 

through the log. 

Smoke was issuing from the cut during the last 20%. Woody took the chainsaw to the shed and resharpened it.

He came back and added approximately 2 1/2% to the chain & bar oil reservoir and put a squirt on the chain.

He allowed the chainsaw to free-fall through the log as before. On this occasion it took 2 minutes and 20 seconds 

and not at any time did smoke issue from the cut. On inspection, we could see that the ragged cut, using oil only, 

and the smooth surface when we used SMT2. 

SMT2 can help chain saw operators reduce the frequency of buying chains and bars, not to mention the huge savings 

in time and fuel. 

See the video recording of this trial on our Video Menu Tab or here:





SMT2 was tested by a member of the elite U.S. Marine Commando Counter-Terrorism Assault Team in his 

M-16, his 9 MM Pistol, his M66 Grenade Launcher, and his .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle.  Accuracy was improved 

by 11%. He now uses a dry patch to clean his equipment instead of all the wet liquids.

His statement: "I cannot let you know who I am during my assignment, but I can tell you that I purchased 

your product with skepticism. However, after controlled tests in our gunnery range, our live ammo test 

target range, and our guerilla warfare battles (in hot dusty, sandy areas as well as moist jungle environments), 

I can tell you the following:  your product has increased my accuracy by 11% and has reduced my cleaning time 

to nearly zero. It takes one drop of your product to lubricate a handgun for over 1,000 rounds.

I use it in my action, my barrel, and my clip.  We are using your product in all of our assault weapons and 

have recommended it to the U.S. Navy SEALS for their testing as well".

Semper Fi!!!"




Terry Nolan (Nolan’s Transport) ran SMT2 throughout his Ford F250, in his engine, gearbox and differential. 

He enthusiastically reported he had more grunt when towing his 25 foot boat from Gatton to Kakadu return. 

After Kakadu, sadly, Terry passed away soon after and despite his wish to use SMt2 in all his trucks, 

that did not come to pass. 


Gary, who is President of a major earth-moving Manufacturer, reports really improved economy and 

better torque running SMT2 in his V8 Diesel Land Rover which he purchased about a year ago from 

British Off Road. He has retired from Liebherr Indonesia but still sings the praises of SMT2.



Cliff who owns a 1990 Panther running a V6 Ford with 500ml added into the Engine reports a fuel reduction 

from 12.5L / 100 km down to 9.4L / 100 km over the next 3 tank-fulls. 

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A steam locomotive out of Innisvale, heading to Brisbane for the Centenary celebrations of Queensland Rail, 

had to pull in at AEI Maryborough. On inspection, it was found that the 5 Inch ID bronze bushes on the main 

drive wheels had flogged out. Unfortunately, they required replacement before the Loco could proceed and 

so the engineering works got busy making replacement bushes. 

The engineer on the Loco went home to Ipswich during this delay. He spoke to his neighbour over the fence 

who recommended that he contact SMT Superior Maintenance Technology and purchase some SMT2 to add to 

the grease used to lubricate the bushes. 

And so it came to pass that that engineer had the tilt train stop at Landsborough Station, where he purchased 

2 x 1 litre bottles of SMT2 to add to the grease that would protect the newly manufactured bushes. 

Queensland Rail reported temperature drop from 75 degrees C down to 45 degrees C which alleviated the previous 

ontinuous over-heating problem. In addition, previous best top speed was 85kmh and now the the top speed was 95kmh. 

So on inspection after 900km the bronze bushes showed very little wear and no bronze colour was showing in the 

extruded grease at the ends of the bushes. 

Queensland Rail were amazed at the improvements and decided to use SMT2 in other applications. 

add his testimonial



Hi Peter, 

Here is a little write-up about the Sydney experience using SMT2

Holden Commodore VT Berlina 1999.

We filled up the commodore with 60 litres of unleaded 91 petroleum and got a range of 640km.

We then filled up with 60 litres of the same petroleum but this time we added 5% SMT2 to the engine oil 

and 60ml (1/1000) to the fuel tank we got an increase of 200km at a range of 840km off that one tank. 

(That’s 32% better fuel economy.) 

Thank you SMT2!"


Attached a picture of the commodore

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This company was suffering gearbox failures about 3 monthly. This was probably happening due to 

electricity spikes. These 250 litre gearboxes were running industrial gearbox oil and cost approximately 

AU$14,000 to overhaul for parts and labour, not including the lost production downtime.

The maintenance supervisor found out about SMT2 and after discussions with management, it was decided 

to give SMT2 a go. These gearboxes are very large and have quite coarse gear teeth. The addition of 10% 

SMT2 saw the overhaul period extend to 17 months without failure. 

Once again SMT2 reduced wear on bearings and gear teeth and reduced production losses substantially.


Facebook Message from John Chirila - Motorcar Mechanic - Brisbane   08/02/2019

Hello Peter 

I use this product SMT2 for years and it's very good and I recommend it
to everyone.


A Dalby Mine running SMT2 in conveyor gearboxes sees low wear
metals and also no "start up" drop-outs during Winter.

Chains on dirt bikes run quiet and stay free of debris, and last
much longer

4 cylinder car puts 1 is to 1000 of SMT2 in Diesel Fuel Tank and gets 180 km more out of a tank of fuel.

Pig shooters with 300 metre Rifles now take out Pigs with head shots @ 450 metres thanks to SMT2 giving higher projectile speed to target.


Ford Focus champion says he tried everything at Supercheap and Repco to no avail but SMT2 really increased HP on a regular basis making the car go faster and smoother.

Kevin, who is up in Darwin, runs SMT2 in his Toyota Land
Cruiser V8 Diesel with quieter running engine, lower fuel consumption and more
power. He is using SMT2 in small engines and raves about it every
time we meet, now he is trialing our SMT Synthetic Grease.


Facebook Message from Francis Richard - (TO COMPLETE)

"I talk of your product to my friends and many of them tried it and keep it
on their cars".


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