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What is the mix ratio for SMT2?


The mix ratio varies depending on the fluid into which SMT2 is mixed and the load requirements. Basically, SMT2 is mixed from a low of 0.1% in fuels to a high of 12% for grease or lubricants in heavy load environments. Beyond 12%, no appreciable benefit is achieved.


Engine oil for petrol, LPG and diesel engines:

  • Initial treatment                                                            add 8 to 10% 
  • Each 7 to 10,000 kilometer oil change and thereafter       add 5%  
  • 2-stroke engines Percentage added to oil is                     2.5%  

Lubricants for manual gearboxes, standard differentials, and hubs: add 8 to 10%


Fluids for automatic transmission, power steering, and rack and pinion and hydraulic fluids:      2.5% and 1.25% on oil change


Petrol, diesel, and LPG fuel: add at ratio of 1 part SMT2 to 1,000 parts of fuel


Boundary greases and lubricants for heavy loads (mining, paper mills, commercial marine, oil exploration, railroads):  Add up to 12%


Two Stroke engines: the percentage added to fuel is 1 part SMT2 to 1,000 parts of fuel


NOTE: In combustion engines, you do not have to add additional SMT2 when you add oil between oil changes. SMT2 is not an additive but a metal treatment. The SMT2 is already in the metal and does not have to be replaced in between oil changes.


Do not use on any wet clutch


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